ISIS set oil ablaze in trenches of Bashiqa and Khazer in Nineveh

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – The Spokesman of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Nineveh Province, Gayath al-Sourji declared on Thursday, that the Islamic State (ISIS) burned crude oil in trenches in the axis of Bashiqa and Khazer, northeast of Nineveh, in order to hinder the advance of the aviation that targets the group’s headquarters and positions.

Sourji said in a press statement, “This morning, ISIS burned crude oil, after putting it inside trenches in the axes of Nineveh, and the smoke covered the area’s sky,” pointing out that, “Each trench is 3 meters wide and 2 meters deep, and was used by ISIS to repulse the attacks launched to liberate Nineveh.”

“Fire broke out in the axis of Bashiqa and Khazer, northeast of Nineveh,” Sourji explained. “ISIS burned the oil to hinder the air strikes that targets the headquarters of the group in the province,” he added.

Large parts of Nineveh Province are controlled by ISIS since June 2014, and since then the province is witnessing mass executions, as well as tough humanitarian and security situations.

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