ISIS shell IDPs’ gathering in Salahaddin, 36 casualties

Displaced families. File photo.
Displaced families. File photo.

( Salahaddin – A security source in Salahaddin province announced on Thursday that 10 civilians were killed and 26 others injured during an ISIS shelling, which was targeted on the gatherings of displaced families at the northern side of the province.

Sharing details the source said, “ISIS shelled the gatherings of families displaced from the areas under ISIS control. Most of the shelling was carried out in al- Asmida area in Baiji district (40 km north of Salahaddin), killing 10 civilians and wounding 26 others. These families fled from Sharqat and the surrounding villages. ”

“ISIS has planted explosive devices in the path of the families. The road through which these families flee are dangerous and over the time several civilians have lost their lives as well,” further added the source seeking anonymity.


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