ISIS shelling kills 6 civilians, wounds 30 others near Mosul

Mortar Cannon. Representational photo.
Mortar Cannon. Representational photo.

Nineveh – ( Iraqi media outlets reported on Wednesday, that six civilians were killed and 30 others were wounded in a shelling carried out by the Islamic State extremist group (ISIS) on Hayy al-Samah, east of Mosul.

Alsumaria News stated, “The Islamic State attacked houses of civilians in Hayy al-Samah in the western coast, east of Mosul, using mortar shells,” pointing out that, “The attack resulted in the killing of six civilians and the wounding of 30 others, mostly women and children.”

“Anti-Terrorism forces evacuated the wounded to nearby hospitals and the bodies to the forensic medicine department,” Alsumaria added.

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