ISIS shoots and beheads spies with help of child

[wpvideo bvCJdGS5]

( Baghdad – ISIS released a new video titled “But If You Return, We Will Return 3,” that showed ISIS militants shooting and beheading captured spies in Wilayat Nineveh, and also involved a lengthy narrative about air strikes.

The 15-minute video that have been recorded recently in Mosul, begins where children are shown watching men in orange jumpsuits locked in steel cages, then the men were beheaded by ISIS militants.

At the end of the video, an ISIS executioner aids a young, blond boy, not older than 10, in executing a suspected spy with a handgun. The boy is suggested to be of European descent.

The blond-haired boy was dressed in combat fatigues, and was handed a large handgun and encouraged to fire it into the back of the head of a prisoner of war, who claimed to be a spy captured in ‘Wilayat Nineveh’.

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