ISIS slays 50 of its militants after fleeing battles in Nineveh

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – Iraqi media outlets reported on Monday, that the Islamic State slaughtered 50 of its militants at one of its camps, west of Nineveh, for fleeing the ongoing battles.

Al Sumaria News stated, “The so-called ISIS Sharia Court issued a sentence to slaughter 50 militants belonging to the ISIS on charges of apostasy, after fleeing the ongoing battles in the province,” pointing out that, “The execution took place at al-Ghazlani Camp, west of Nineveh.”

“The slaughtered militants were forced to join the ranks of ISIS in Nineveh,” Al Sumaria explained. “The ISIS are urging the people of Nineveh to join the battles against Iraqi forces through speeches at mosques,” Al Sumaria added.

The joint security forces tightened its grip on the ISIS inside Nineveh, after significantly advancing in the battles that were launched to liberate the province.


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  1. Daesh has nothing to do with islam.They are convicted drugdealers and criminals fleeing there country of Origin to join Daesh.It is however nearly finished with them.

  2. The most cowardly persons on this planet commit the most cowardish crimes. They should be treated like any other form of cancer, extinguish them with all the means we have. The cancer called daesh needs to leave this planet as soon as possible. Only a dead member of daesh is a good member of daesh. How deeply inhuman have they gotten when they excecute handcuffed, barefooted victims?

  3. I will never understand why “”Any Government””would stop that radical garbage from joining so called ISIS,shortly they will all be dead,……….end of problem !!sooooooooo easy,they won’t come back to cause decent people trouble.It is good to see them lying dead all over Iraq…….go Iraqies !

  4. let everybody take pictures of those criminals, so they can be indentified when they have lost. So they can be treated like criminals.

  5. How these beast natured cruel people were equipped with so many modern destructive weapons and trained and organized and…..?

  6. Well I have not read the Koran but I cannot imagine that Allah would approve murder, torture, andenslavement, of the Muslim peoples by other Muslim peoples, in his name ! ?

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