ISIS smuggles 50 crude oil vehicles daily from Qayyarah field

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – Oil is a major source of funding for ISIS in Iraq, especially since the latter gets millions of dollars on monthly basis from the sale of oil to the neighboring countries or small local refining units.

Security sources in the Ministry of Oil stated that ISIS used to smuggle at least 50 vehicles of oil on a daily basis from the fields of Qayyarah and Najma, which are located to the south of its stronghold in Mosul, but these quantities were lessened to five vehicles daily.

ISIS also decreased the oil price from 6000 US dollars/ vehicle to 2000 US dollars due to the advance made by the security forces to the oil fields. The incomes have declined by one million US dollars daily since April 2015, after losing Alas and Hamrin oil fields near the city of Tikrit.

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