ISIS still holds ground in Biji’s refinery, says Salahuddin Council

Representational file photo.

Salahuddin ( On Thursday, Salahuddin Provincial Council announced, that ISIS militants still hold ground in Biji’s oil refinery despite the military operation to liberate the refinery.

Member of the council Khaz’al Hammad stated for IraqiNews, “ISIS militants are still holding ground in parts of Biji’s oil refinery in north of Biji district (40 km north of Tikrit),” noting that, “The security forces are on the defensive inside the refinery.”

“The convergence between the security forces and the troops stationed in east of Biji has already taken place prior to their arrival in the district within the next few days,” Hammad added.


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  1. Regardless of how they are trained in training, in the heat of battle Iraq’s military appears to know only one way of fighting. Stop ISIL when you have far superior numbers of well armed soldiers then keep shooting at ISIL from a relatively safe distance away with long range heavy weapons. When ISIL runs out of ammunition and cannot shoot back then attack ISIL to force ISIL to retreat or to overcome ISIL. At the refinery ISIL appears to still have plenty of ammunition to shoot back so the battle still rages on.

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