ISIS suicide attack in Baghdad kills six and injures 18 civilians

Iraqis collect belongings of victims at a suicide bomb site in Baghdad. File Photo
Iraqis collect belongings of victims at a suicide bomb site in Baghdad. File Photo

( Baghdad – Six people were killed and 18 others injured after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt on Sunday in Baghdad- the capital of Iraq.

Source in the Ministry of Interior, Iraq, informed that the suicide bomber, who was wearing an explosive belt, struck when a small group of Shia pilgrims were preparing for the holy month of Muharram in a tent.

It may be mentioned here that ISIS militants, over the weeks, have intensified suicide attacks on the Iraqi civilians and so far have killed dozens of them.

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  1. Killing of innocent and harmless human beings, including young children, is an absolutely losing strategy. The only thing it guarantees is that the US will lop off the heads of even more ISIS leaders. The US is absolutely committed to taking out every single Baathist in the ISIS leadership as well as all other leaders.ISIS does not have the strategic competence, the intelligence, to deal with the kind of action it is facing. Right now, 72% of all of its top leaders have been eliminated permanently. The goal is 100% and that day is coming The killing of innocents will not change anything whatsoever. Now, every single time innocent human beings are killed by these terrorist attacks, Centcom engages in an extraordinary effort to locate and eliminate another ISIS leader.

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