ISIS suicide attack in northern Tikrit foiled, security forces seize heavy weapons

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( Salahuddin – Salahuddin Police Command announced on Saturday foiling an ISIS suicide attack using a booby-trapped vehicle in northern Tikrit apart from seizing heavy weapons and equipment belonging to ISIS.

The commander of emergency police regiments Brigadier General Khalil al-Raml said, “Today the 3rd regiment of the emergency police conducted raid and search operations in the vicinity of Makhul in northern Tikrit after liberating it and seized a cannon called ‘Hell Cannon’ of ISIS, as well as destroying two booby-trapping laboratories and another one for explosives manufacturing.”

Raml added, “The operation also resulted in seizing 25 shells, 13 local-made rockets and 17 mortar shells launchers,” adding, “The security forces also foiled a suicide attack launched by ISIS using a booby-trapped vehicle that targeted our troops in the vicinity of Makhul in northern Tikrit.”

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