ISIS targets Bashir area with 25 artillery shells and rockets

ISIS members. Archival photo.
ISIS members. Archival photo.

( Kirkuk – A source in al-Hashed al-Turkmani in Kirkuk said on Thursday, that three members of al-Hashed al-Turkmani were injured in an attack launched by ISIS with 25 artillery shells and rockets on Qasbat Bashir in southern the province (250 km north of Baghdad).

The source said in a statement followed by, ” ISIS terrorist gangs launched 25 mortar shells and rockets on Qasbat Bashir in Taza vicinity (35 km south of Kirkuk city), injuring three members of al-Hashed al-Turkmani,” pointing out that, “The wounded were transferred to Kirkuk General Hospital for treatment. ”

Noteworthy, Peshmerga, al-Hashed al-Turkmani forces and Abbas brigade announced the liberation of Bashir from ISIS control.

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