ISIS throws 9 homosexuals from tall building in Mosul

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Nineveh – According to a local source in Nineveh province, ISIS organization threw nine civilians from a tall building on charges of homosexuality in the city of Mosul.

The source said in an interview for, “gunmen belonging to ISIS threw on Sunday nine civilians from the top of a high building in the city of Mosul after being accused of homosexuality.”

The source, who asked anonymity, added: “ISIS militants rounded up a number of citizens in the city to see the implementation of the judgment of the so-called Shariah judge.”

In June 4, 2015 ISIS threw three civilians from the top of an insurance company building located in Dawasa area in the city of Mosul on charges of sodomy.



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  1. Drop an A-bomb and finish these animals from ISIS – ISIL – no country should be allowed to receive these so called asylum seekers either. For all you know embedded within these refugees are ISIS members formed sleeper cells that will be spreading all over the world for future terrorist attacks! Contain the problem in Syria, wipe them ALL out!! don’t let these religious idiots spread globally!!!

  2. How do they know they were homosexuals unless the ISIS fighters engaged in homosexual sex with the individuals?

  3. These animals are not muslim. These are the creation of CIA and MOSAD. And usa and israel fund them. If they are real jihadi then they should attack on israel which is very near to syrea…

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