ISIS Wali of al-Hamadaniyah District killed in coalition strike east of Mosul

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Nineveh – Media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday the killing of the so-called ISIS Wali of al-Hamadaniyah District in an aerial bombing by the international coalition aviation east of the city of Mosul.

The officials said in a statement obtained by, “The international coalition aviation, in coordination with Nineveh Operations Command, carried out an aerial strike that targeted a gathering for ISIS elements in the village of Omar-Kan in Nineveh Plain in the district of al-Hamadaniyah east of Mosul,” adding that, “The aerial bombardment resulted in killing a group of terrorists including the terrorist known as Barzan Hossam, the new Wali of al-Hamadaniyah District.”

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