ISIS warns Hawija residents of ultimate battle of jihad

ISIS elements during the implementation of an execution operation. Archival photo.
ISIS members engaged in execution. Archival photo.

( Kirkuk – A security source revealed on Saturday that ISIS has executed five persons in central Hawija district for collaborating with the security forces and further warned the residents to keep prepared for what they called ‘battle of jihad against the invaders’.

According to information shared by the source, and received by Iraqi News, it was stated, “ISIS organized a show in central Hawija  after executing five (5) persons on charges of collaborating with the security forces,” further adding, “ISIS organized the show to boost the morale of their fighters after their defeat in Salahuddin and Makhmur.”

The source added, “ISIS called the residents of Hawija district through loudspeakers and warned them to keep prepared for the ultimate battle of jihad to defend the land of caliphate against apostates and invaders.”

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