ISIS withdraws its fighters from left coast in Mosul

ISIS gathering. Archival photo.
ISIS gathering. Archival photo.

( Nineveh – A local source in Nineveh Province revealed on Tuesday, that ISIS withdrew the majority of its fighters from the left coast in Mosul, while pointed out that more than 400 ISIS members fled to unknown destinations.

The source said in a press statement obtained by, “This evening, ISIS withdrew the majority of its members from the left coast in Mosul,” pointing out that, “ISIS used to deploy its fighters in the majority of axes, but these troops disappeared before sunset.”

The source added, “More than 400 ISIS members escaped from the organization’s headquarters to unknown destinations,” indicating that, “ISIS is collapsing, and its fighters are escaping due to the lack of financial resources.”

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  1. Yes it appears that ISIS is collapsing but not because of financers instead they fear to be killed as liberation of Mosul is coming soon.

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