Islamic State distribute expired children medicines, faking stability

Islamic State militants in Mosul

Nineveh ( Islamic State militants in western Mosul have begun to give out children medicines to paint a picture of a stable life, but local sources say the drugs turned out to be expired.

A local source told Alsumaria news said IS-run clinics have begun to distribute children medicines as part of a media campaign run by the extremist group to give an impression of stability while the group braces for a major offensive by government forces.

But the group is actually handing out the medicines “though knowing they are expired,” according to the source.

Islamic State is still in control over most of western Mosul, where 750.000 civilians have been trapped under the extremist group’s bloody reign for more than two years.

Mid October, Iraqi government forces, backed by international coalition troops led by the United States, launched a major offensive to retake Mosul, IS’s largest base in Iraq. Operations since then have managed to retake the eastern section of the city, and the government says it is close to giving a green light to its troops to invade the west.

The U.S. Department of Defense said Tuesday the group has become effectively stuck in western Mosul, with no choice other than fighting to death.

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