Islamic State execute five leaders for escaping eastern Mosul battles

ISIS publicly executing Iraqi men. File photo

Nineveh ( The Islamic State executed one of its judges and four other leading commanders by a shooting squad for escaping battles against government forces in the eastern side of the city of Mosul, according to a military source.

Col. Khaled al-Jewari, from the Joint Operations Command, told DPA that a senior judge at the extremist group, nicknamed Abu Hafsa, along with other combat commanders, were shot to death by the group for escaping during encounters that saw government troops retaking the eastern section of Mosul after 100 days of security operations.

The execution was witnessed by a huge crowd in the town of Badush in western Mosul.

Iraqi forces consummated the recapture of eastern Mosul on Tuesday, the biggest victory over Islamic State militants since operations launched in mid October. Iraqi generals are preparing to storm the western side of the city where IS still maintains a majority of territory.

IS fighters, who have shown fierce resilience over the past months, weakened as operations in the east neared their end, with reports telling of serious divisions and infighting within its ranks. Many reports had told that the group sentenced some of its fighters to death for delinquency on the battlefield.

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  1. It is just a matter of time the Isis terrorist will all be Anihillated ;including the capture of their Leader Bagdadi,; he was reported wounded in Mosul and captured,and hidden away ,cuz some Iraqui Sympthizers might try to release him from Jail,he ? Bagdadi is with the Coalition forces Heavily guarded,chained arm and legs with thick – Chains ! there is no chance of Bagdadi escaping ,cuz ? he is on 24 hours guards armed with RPG,s ,in fact last report from news affiliates? Bagdadi is lyinging on the floor Chained to the floor,and the jail is Amour plated with thick steel plates around the jail! And thats what the Leader of Isis deserve,the informer was immediately paid 25 million American Dollars!

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