Islamic State execute young man in Kirkuk who spied for security forces

A man about to be executed by Islamic State militant

Hawija ( Islamic State militants executed a young man in Kirkuk for collaborating with Iraqi security forces, a security source was quoted saying on Thursday.

DPA quoted the source saying that the group executed the young man by a firing squad at Hawija, an IS stronghold the group has held since 2014.

Islamic State militants have executed dozens of civilians and security personnel since they emerged in 2014 to proclaim an “Islamic Caliphate”. The victims were executed for contacting security forces, attempting to escape captivity at IS-held regions and violating the group’s religious directives.

Earlier this week, politicians and locals’ mounted pressures on the Iraqi government to carry out a security campaign to drive out Islamic State militants from Hawija.

Hawija, Kirkuk (google maps)

Aljournal News website quoted Ahmed Khourshid, a member of Hawija’s mayoral council, saying that some tribal representatives had given the Iraqi government a week before they launch an attack on the town.

“If the heinous torture of our people by Daesh (Islamic State) terrorists in Hawija continues without attention from the concerned (officials), attendants will give the government a week before they begin liberation operations,” Khourshid stated.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Tamim, an Iraqi parliament member, said in a statement that people in Hawija were experiencing “a genocide”, adding that the town has not seen “any action by security forces”. He urged Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to hasten with the liberation of the town.

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