Islamic State executes 3 in western Anbar for collaborating with security

ISIS members execute Iraqi men by firing squad.
ISIS members execute Iraqi men by firing squad.

Rawa ( Islamic State militants executed three civilians in western Anbar for acting as informants for Iraqi security forces, security sources were quoted saying Tuesday.

A firing squad shot the trio dead before a public gathering near popular market in the western IS-held town of Rawa for collaborating with security troops, according to sources within the Baghdad Operations command.

The sources added that militants prevented local citizens from removing the dead corpses from the street, also threatening whoever uses a cell phone.

Rawa, Anbar (google maps).

Since taking over several Iraqi cities in 2014 to proclaim a so-called “Islamic Caliphate,” Islamic State militants reportedly tortured and enslaved civilians at areas under its control for violating its extreme religious rules, and executed many for either acting as informants for security services or attempting to escape “the land of the Caliphate” as the common charge reads.

Anbar’s western regions have been under Islamic State control since the group’s emergence, and thousands of civilians are said to be held as potential human shields, according to local officials.

Fighter jets from Iraqi and the allied U.S.-led coalition have occasionally pounded the extremist group’s locations in the province. There has not been an official campaign to retake those regions, but it is believed the Iraqi government will turn to Anbar and other provinces hosting IS pockets once it is done expelling the militants from Mosul, IS’s largest bastion in Iraq.

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