Islamic State executes 3 youths near Kirkuk

Islamic State executes 3 youths near Kirkuk
Members of the Islamic State execute men by firing squad.

Kirkuk ( The self-proclaimed Islamic State extremist group executed three youths, near Hawija District west of Kirkuk, on charges of spying and collaboration with security forces, an official source told Alsumaria News on Sunday.

The source said, “Today, members of the Islamic State group executed three youths, by firing squad, near Hawija District, west of Kirkuk, for collaborating with Iraqi security forces and facilitating the exit of civilians from the district.”

“The Islamic State executed nearly 25 youths in Hawija District this month,” the source added on condition of anonymity.

Noteworthy, areas south and west of Kirkuk are controlled by the Islamic State group since June 2014.


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  1. these are not executions by firing squad that is something reserved for a real military . These are murders perpetrated upon innocent civilians . Civilians whos only offence is seeking freedom from isis sand maggots .

  2. What is the repercussions for eternity if you are on the wrong side of the Mosul war? Is the terror and hatred partially a by product ignorance for some, and or also the flow chart continuity of the descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel. Evil is pervasive, invasive, and consuming but is overcome by one true force in the final analysis.

    Isis wins some battles, kills some people but one day the final account is they loose. They are ignorant and or evil and brain washed. Their God is bogus.

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