Islamic State executes nine civilians over collaboration with security in Kirkuk

An Islamic State execution process

Kirkuk ( Islamic State militants executed on Monday nine men from Hawija district and areas in its vicinity over collaboration with security services, security source was quoted as saying.

“IS members shot five men dead and executed four others, who were arrested two days ago over spying for security services and the paramilitary troops,” the source told the German news agency DPA. The executions took place near the Great Zab river in Hawija, a strategic town which has fallen into the hands of IS since mid-2014.

Islamic State has executed hundreds of civilians and security members since it took over large areas in Iraq to proclaim a self-styled “Islamic Caliphate”. The executions of the victims were mainly blamed over accusations of collaboration with the Iraqi security authorities or for attempting to flee areas under its control.

Kirkuk has a mixed population of Kurds, Turkmens and Arabs. The southern and western regions in the province have been under IS control since June 2014.

Iraqi authorities postponed an operation to liberate the town last year, instead they moved onto Mosul, the group’s biggest bastion in Iraq. It is expected to aim at liberating IS-held regions in the province once done with operations in Mosul.


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  1. The extermination of all terrorists in Iraq,Syria, and the Middle East will be accomplished thanks to Russian intervention. Those that support and equip the terrorists will also be done with. We know
    who these terrorists and their sponsors and what they plan to do. We’re coming after you.

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    • Not in the name of God. But the name of Allah. Two very different entities. God is ,was, and will be forever. Allah is the creation of a criminal named Muhammad for the purpose of justification for his crimes.Moslems like to point their index finger toward heaven,as if they`re showing off their latest booger. I show Allah my middle finger and pee on it`s name.

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    As long as they can cause wars, hardship and destruction they make money. They want to control the world oil resources then its checkmate to all. They just do not give a s**t believe me.
    We all have our lives and we live it our way. Society has become so twisted and corrupt that the truth actually bothers them. No wonder ISIS is growing its because of all the destruction caused by them. Just my humble view. I will not follow the status quo.

    • LISTEN to yourself. You want to emulate HITLER!? Our people fought AGAINST that evil! do we now want to BECOME that evil?

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  4. Those of us in America who did not vote for obama are sincerely sorry for the actions of this horrible president who created and funded isis. We are disgusted by him and his terrorist allies.

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