Islamic State in fresh round of executions over treason in Kirkuk

Islamic State beheading individuals for treason in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk ( The Islamic State has released a new movie showing members shooting and beheading individuals, some of whom are believed to be security agents, to death in Kirkuk over “treason” and collaboration with security forces.

The first part of the movie, presumably filmed somewhere this week, shows a masked militant with a knife declaring the death sentence of two whom he said “agreed to be stooges for crusaders” as he put it, saying their execution was to make them “an example”.

The pair was laid to the ground, tied from the back, had the throats cut and left to bleed. A crowd, which apparently included children, cheered.

A similar style of the execution was adopted with three others who appeared in the following scene of the graphic movie, which was also preceded by a threatening speech by a militant.

Islamic State beheading an individual in Kirkuk over treason.

Another segment of the film showed a militant questioning a young boy who admitted collaboration with security forces by providing information about the group’s weaponry, and confessed to taking snaps of its locations. He is shown kneeling on the debris of a house and shot in the head from the back by one militant.

A young boy confesses to collaboration with security forces before he was shot in the head by Ilamic State militants

A last part shows two others shot in the back head by masked militants.

Since it occupied large areas of Iraq in 2014, Islamic State has posted movies of heinous executions of civilians, security personnel, and foreign workers over multiple charges. Some of the executions were even carried out by little children.

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  1. Anyone who commits such sinful acts and thinks their God looks down in approval is seriously defective in the brain. Such savagery can never be accepted by God. All Daesh pigs who commit these crimes will find only eternal hellfire. No heaven for Daesh. Ever. They are not even humans!

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