Islamic State launches toxic gases attack on west of Mosul

Islamic State launches toxic gases attack on west of Mosul
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Mosul ( A security source revealed that militants from the Islamic State group launched an attack, using toxic gases, from a recently liberated area, in western Mosul, Al Wafd News portal reported on Saturday.

The source said that the attack took place last night in Hayy al-Abar, where the Islamic State group launched missiles containing chlorine gas, causing seven soldiers to suffer respiratory problems.

The soldiers were transferred to a nearby field clinics to receive the needed treatment, the source added on condition of anonymity.

Iraqi security force, backed by US-led international coalition are fighting the Islamic State militants in the western side of Mosul, while Iraqi officials emphasized that more than half of the western side was recaptured.


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  1. Who used gas again ? The Syrian army ? Oh jea ISIS terrorists use toxic gas on people , jyst like they used it in Iraq and so they did in Syria , im sick of the media lies

  2. Trump is probably getting ready to launch another round of Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian air force again, following this latest use of chemical gas? Oh, the butcher, the barbarity!

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