Islamic State member arrested in Baghdad: security command

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Baghdad ( Iraqi security forces arrested an Islamic State member in Baghdad, the capital’s security command said Thursday as the country continues to hunt for remnant militants cells.

The Baghdad Operations media service said in a statement, quoted by Alsumaria News, that an Islamic State member who had fled Mosul was arrested in al-Doura, south of Baghdad after an ambush was set up upon receiving intelligence information about his existence there.

Islamic State

Iraq declared victory over Islamic State militants earlier this month, marking an end to the self-styled “caliphate” the militants announced in 2014 from Mosul.

But occasional attacks presumably perpetrated by the group have targeted civilians and security personnel at several regions, including those recaptured by Iraqi forces, provoking fears that the group might still constitute a security threat even after losing its territorial control.

Iraqi forces continue to clear cities from potential sleeper cells, explosives and armes cashes left behind by the militants.

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