Islamic State members flee western Anbar bastion toward Salahuddin

Islamic State fighters on pickup trucks in Anbar, west of Iraq.

Anbar ( Islamic State militants have fled locations in its bastion in western Anbar, as security troops declared invasion intentions, a paramilitary official said.

“IS members evacuated all its locations in Rawa, west of Anbar, and headed toward al-Maleha and al-Sakhriyat regions, south of Salahuddin,” Qutri al-Obeidi, a senior leader with al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) told Ikhnews website on Sunday.

“All the foreign IS members fled Rawa, while only few number of local ones remained in the town awaiting their unknown destiny,” he added.

The militants withdrawal, according to Obeidi, “came after the security troops declared intentions to invade the town over the coming few hours as well as airstrikes by army jets targeting the militants’ hideouts. The snipers also evacuated the high buildings in the town.”

On Saturday, Ikhnews quoted a source as saying that IS legislative mufti, known as abul Muhajir, who is in charge of running the group’s affairs in Rawa, was killed, along with two of his companions in an airstrike as army jets targeted a hideout for IS in central Rawa.

Last week, Hussein al-Okaidi, Rawa mayor, said the number of remaining Islamic State militants is estimated at no more than twenty members.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced, earlier November, the liberation of Qaim in record time. Troops also freed Ebeidi and Krabla regions in western Anbar.


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  1. Iraq should send its army against Iranian territory against the lurs in eastern Iraq iran attack and kill these lurs they are the enemy of Iraq.

  2. Iraq must demand jihadists who have fled to the West be returned to stand trial before their Courts. They must not accept robustly pleas in other countries that it would infringe the human rights of jihadists to be sent back to stand trial

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