Islamic State reportedly in western Mosul execution spree over “treason”

ISIS members execute Iraqi men by firing squad.
ISIS members execute Iraqi men by firing squad.

Nineveh ( The Islamic State has reportedly went on an execution spree over the past 24 hours in western Mosul, with victims accused of treason and espionage.

A local source told Alsumaria News that “eight districts in eastern Mosul have witnessed executions of both group members and civilians over multiple charges ranging from espionage to escaping battlefields”.

The source said the “executions hysteria” attempt to address collapses within the group’s ranks, especially as it continues to lose more ground to Iraqi troops in the eastern section of the city.

“IS media have obviously begun reporting ‘mass treasons’ by group leaders and fighters in the eastern region,” said the source, adding that those were accused of dishonoring their “pledge of allegiance” to the supreme leader, Abu Bakr al-baghdadi.

Since Iraqi government forces launched a campaign to retake Mosul from Islamic State militants in October 2016, there have been regular news about IS executing militants escaping battlefields and civilians collaborating with security forces or breaching the group’s extreme rules. The group has also reportedly ceased to pay salaries to its fighters, a development which observers say reflects the financial dilemma the group is starting to experience.

Iraqi forces have come closer to the Tigris River which cuts through Mosul in recent days, and are hoping to hasten with overtaking the east to proceed towards IS western strongholds.

On Monday, spokesperson of the Pentagon, Navy Captain Jeff Davis, said: “We’re seeing continued signs of ISIL fighters having loss of morale…Many of them have not been paid in months; we’ve seen fewer [vehicle-borne homemade bombs] than we had previously in Mosul, and indications are that ISIL can’t respond to coordinated attacks on multiple axes.”

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  1. Yes it’s true. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh are guilty of high treason, kidnappings, torture, murder, gruesome torturous inhuman murders they claim are executions, stealing public and private property, slavery, sex slavery, human trafficking….almost forgot…guilty of terrorism and various other crimes against humanity. They have claimed to be Islamic but appear more like mad dogs..

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