Israeli and European weapons belonging to ISIS seized east of Ramadi

The member of Anbar Provincial Council Khalaf Tarmoz
The member of Anbar Provincial Council Khalaf Tarmoz


( Anbar Provincial Council announced on Saturday, that the security forces and tribal fighters have seized Israeli and European weapons belonging to the ISIS group east of Ramadi, calling for the liberation of the Ramadi-Hit road to secure the humanitarian aid arriving in Baghdadi area.

A member of the council Khalaf Tarmoz stated in an interview for, “The security forces and the tribal fighters managed, in a security operation in Bo-Ghanem area, to seize a number of Israeli weapons and European arms belonging to the ISIS organization,” pointing out that, ” The weapons arrived through international intelligence.”

“It is expected to liberate Baghdadi (90 km west of Ramadi) today,” calling for the liberation of the Ramadi-Hit road to secure the food and humanitarian aid and petroleum products arriving for the people of the district,” Taramoz added.


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  1. Another true al-Sadr stooge trying to plant the conspiracy theory that Israel is supporting ISIS. How many brain dead zombies are we going to hear from on this website? The idea is that if you can’t implicate the US as a supporter of ISIS, then implicate Israel. As if this is going to remotely help Iran or the Shiite militias. Iran’s stagnant and collapsing Mullah economy is not going to be saved by conspiracy theories.

    • Tons of israli weapons have been supplied to ISIS which is just an extension of IDF. besides all ISIS trucks and heavy weapons are delivered through the port of Eilat, last I checked it was in Israel.

    • No conspiracy at all. Tons of israeli, US and European weapons have been captured from ISIS. All heavy supplies, vehicles, heavy weapons are all delivered to ISIS via port of Eilat, Israel. jews are trying to cover this up by saying that an “Iranian ship” delivered them and jews captured them. Usual Jew LIE. Google it up if you do not believe me. ISIS has never fired a single shot towards Israel and never will, because they are an IDF branch. Caliph is re3ally a Mossad agent named Shimon Elliot, trained for the past ten years for the role.

    • Israhell, is supporting terrorists, Israhell, is a terrorist state -Uss Liberty, 9-11-Bali-Pt authur-Charlie hebdo, sandy hook, WW1 WW2-the list is endless Fool! Good thing the world is now awake to the Jew Zionists false flags!

  2. I highly doubt that IraqiNews has seen any evidence from Khalaf Tarmoz that backs up what he is saying. Maybe next Khalaf Tarmoz might tell IraqiNews that ISIL got the following from Israel and European countries plus with plenty of ammunition for each one of them.

    ISIL has SA-7 and Stinger surface-to-air missiles, M79 Osa, HJ-8 and AT-4 Spigot anti-tank weapons, Type 59 field guns and M198 howitzers, Humvees, T-54/55 and T-72 tanks, and M1 Abrams main battle tanks, M1117 armoured vehicles, truck-mounted DShK guns, ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns, BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, and at least one Scud missile. UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, MiG-21 and MiG-23 jets.

    When ISIL invaded Iraq ISIL captured ALL the weapons and ammunition that was in ALL the military bases, armouries plus weapons and ammunition from captured or killed Iraqi soldiers. ISIL really does not need to get any more weapons and ammunition and all ISIL really needs is more people from around the world to come and join ISIL to fight, and ISIL will give them plenty of weapons and ammunition.

  3. Another case of Iran using agent provocateur’s, to incite the Iraqi people or should I say Shiite’s, since everyone else see the deception of Tehran. They will make enemies for Iraq, use your resources, your fathers and son’s to fight in their Islamist Revolution.

  4. The Khazars- Fake Jews control Israel. 90% of the Real Jews are in america. The Khazars do all they can to get the US involved in the middle east wars so we can fight the muslims for them. USA INC is funding isis. There is an Isis office in the Reagan Building and one in Arizona where John McCain lives. Now wake up. Pastor Dale.


  6. ISIS is NATOs and Israel´s proxy army to “reshape” the ME. See Oded Yinon plan or Pat Buchanans “Whose war ?” article.

  7. Israel has 400+ NUKES and refuses inspections and the Non-ProliferationTreaty.
    Israel HATES Christianity & GENTILES.
    Israel thinks GREATER ISRAEL should rule the World.
    Israel (using the USA) is spreading chaos and fracturing all Civilization in the Peoples immediately around it.
    Israel has “DUAL-citizens”(sayanim) whose true loyalty is to Israel, embedded throughout American government/society. According to the Zionist creed, Israel is the state of the Jews, all the Jews. Every Jew in the world belongs to Israel, even if temporarily residing somewhere else If Israel could provoke nuclear apocalypse between America&Russia …..and maybe even China ….. BY WAY OF DECEPTION…. Israel would be the ONLY NUCLEAR ARMED SUPERPOWER left………
    Especially if it nuked many of It’s HATED/HISTORICAL “enemies” While they are bombing each other.(Germany, Poland, England, Egypt, Iraq, basically ALL gentiles should “bear the YOKE of Israel”)Noted Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target.
    Does Israel have nuclear missiles aimed at the main world capitals?? — Nothing surprises me anymore. Seem like every world government today, is hell-bent with death, destruction or wars.

    Israel BRAGS about doing similar in Babylon/Iraq (75,000dead) Egypt(all the FIRST BORN)
    Israel’s MOTTOES:
    (1) NEVER forgive & NEVER forget.
    (2) By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

  8. Khalaf Tarmoz should NOT make false accusations to the media, instead he should hand such information to the appropriate authoraties who do deal with confirming, proving and verifying military security matters. A similar situation was published recently and then later proved and verified by appropriate authoraties that it was NOT evidence to what was falsely accused, similarly the incident mentioned above in the news may also be found to have NO evidence. Anyway the other similar incident was this.

    Iraqi MP Hakim Zamili did NOT have many photos and documents that prove and confirm that the US and International Coalition countries delivered aid, weapons and ammunition to ISIL. MP Hakim Zamili should NOT have mentioned that to the media at the press conference at the House of Representatives as that did get published to the world. MP Hakim Zamili should not have done that unless he actually did get those many photos and documents properly verified by the apropriate authoraties who do verify things involving military security matters.

    The Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafary, stated in a press conference with his Iranian Counterpart, Jawad Dharif, stated that there are no evidences over the involvement of the US-led Coalition in dropping aids and weapons to ISIL.

  9. Well, it’s true that evidence should be provided – but then lies are published every day in Western media -the best propaganda show in history. Good if Iraq holds a higher standard.

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