Israeli media says U.S. urged Israel not to attack Iraq

Israeli fighter jet (Representational photo).

Baghdad ( The Israeli Makan TV channel has reported that Washington urged Israel not to attack Iraq.

“The U.S. request was delivered to Israel during the past few weeks after Washington received information,” the channel reported quoting western sources.

The [U.S. President] Trump administration is meant with handling Iran’s intervention in Iraq, the sources said.
According to the channel, Washington’s request is likely to target “keeping Iraq outside Israel’s activity, unlike Syria.”

On Monday, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Israel will not be reluctant with handling any Iranian threat anywhere. He hinted to attacking military units in Iraq, which could be carried out by Iran.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry denied, on Sunday, that Iraqi armed groups receive ballistic missiles from Iran. This came after a news report by Reuters earlier quoted Iranian, Iraqi and western sources as saying that Tehran provided Ballistic missiles to pro-Iran groups in Iraq.

On Saturday, deputy commander of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces for international affairs Brigadier General Qadir Nezami denied that Tehran provided any ‘group’ with missiles in Iraq.

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