USA needs more time to confirm al-Baghdadi’s death says Britain’s Chief of Defense

Britain's chief of defense Gen. Nick Houghton
Britain’s chief of defense Gen. Nick Houghton

( On Sunday Britain’s Chief of the Defense, Generla Nick Houghton, said that it would take the US a few days to confirm the death of the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to Reuters.

Houghton said, “I can’t absolutely confirm that al-Baghdadi has died. Even the Americans themselves are not yet in a position to do that. Probably it will take some days to have absolute confirmation. What I wouldn’t want to do is rush to the sense that the potential death of one of their totemic leaders is going to create some strategic reverse within ISIS.”

He also added, “Unless we get the political dimension of the strategy in place, then ISIS has the potential to keep regenerating and certainly regenerating its leaders.”

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