Joint forces cleanse Albu Hayat area west of Ramadi, kill 40 ISIS elements

Iraqi army forces. File photo.
Iraqi army forces. File photo.

( Baghdad – A source in the leadership of al-Jazeera Operations announced on Tuesday, that the joint forces were able to cleanse Albu Hayat area west of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad) and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings, pointing out to the killing of 40 ISIS elements in the cleansing battles of the area.

The source said in an interview for, “The joint forces of the army and police, backed by the fighters of al-Jaghafiya clan, were able to cleanse Albu Hayat area west of Anbar and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings,” noting that “The organization (ISIS) tried to supply its elements, but that coalition aircraft bombed their convoy in al-Sahl area.”

The source, who asked anonymity, added: “The clashes resulted in the killing of 40 elements of the organization, including suicide bombers, and the destruction of nine vehicles carrying heavy weapons,” pointing out that “ISIS elements escaped from the outskirts of the region into Heet District.”


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