Joint forces storm into central Fallujah, gun down six suicide bombers

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – On Monday, officials in the Anbar Operations Command revealed that the joint security forces have started military operations and stormed into central Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad). It was further informed that the forces so far have shot down six (6) suicide bombers during the operation.

An official statement issued by the Anbar Operations Command and also received by Iraqi News, stated, “This morning the joint security forces started a military operation to advance into Nezal neighborhood in central Fallujah after liberating al-Shuhada neighborhood to the south of the city.”

“The [security] forces clashed with ISIS members and managed to kill six (6) suicide bombers of the organisation,” the statement continued.

Adding further,“Nezal neighborhood in central Fallujah is one of the most important residential neighborhoods of the city center. ISIS is trying to booby-trap large number of main roads and houses to hinder the progress of the security forces.”

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