Joint Operations announces killing 12 ISIS leaders, including Arabs and foreigners, in western Anbar

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Anbar – Joint Operations Command announced on Saturday the killing of 12 senior leaders of the ISIS organization, including Arabs and foreigners, in addition to wounding a “substantial” number of militants by an aerial bombardment in western Anbar.

The command said in a statement received by, “The warplanes carried out air raids against a shelter for ISIS belonging to the so-called Wilayat Baghdad in the city of al-Qaim,” adding that, “The operation resulted in killing dozens of elements of the ISIS gangs, including leaders, in addition to injuring a large number of them.”

The statement added, “The most important figures among the ISIS dead were Abu Ali al-Salamani, Muntasir al-Haradani (also known as Abu Omar al-Ansari), Sabah Fallah, Abu Turab al-Muhajir from eastern Asia, Abu Jarah al-Iraqi, Abu Ibrahim al-Shami, a Syrian national,” pointing out that, “Abu Obaida al-Saudi, Abu AbdulRahman, an Arab national, Abu Sulaiman al-Kuwaiti, Omar al-Satouri (Abu Ishaq al-Shami), Mohamed al-Mashadani (Abu Suhaib) and Khaled al-Zahrani were also among the dead.”

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