Khalidiya Council: ISIS destroys all bridges surrounding Ramadi

Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Monday, Head of the District Council of Khalidiya in Anbar province announced, that the ISIS organization has destroyed all the bridges around the city of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad) to prevent raiding and cleansing the city, while emphasized that the security forces are working on developing alternatives to penetrate the defenses of the organization and destroy it.

Head of Khalidiya District Council, Ali Dawood, said in a statement obtained by, “During the past few months, elements of the ISIS organization blew up all the bridges and crossings surrounding the city of Ramadi in a terrorist plot to prevent the security forces from proceeding with the cleansing battles in pursuit of breaking into the center of the city from all axes.”

Dawood also noted, “Security forces belonging to the army and the police are working on developing alternative military methods to cross the Euphrates River, construct land-based roads [railway] and penetrate the defenses of ISIS to destroy it and break into territories of Ramadi within the next few days.”

Noteworthy, ISIS controls the most prominent cities of Anbar since nearly a year ago, while battles and confrontations between the security forces backed by tribal fighters are ongoing in the areas of Fallujah and al-Qaim, located on the Iraqi-Syrian border, as well as Heet, Rawa and other areas, including al-Karma near the borders of Baghdad.

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  1. Surely Iraq would have anticipated that from ISIS and would have had an alternate plan to storm Ramadi from all axis.

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