Khalidiyah liberated, Baghdad to reconnect with Ramadi soon

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – The security committee of Khalidiyah District Council announced on Monday that thirteen (13) ISIS fighters were killed during the liberation battles of Khalidiyah island in eastern Ramadi, further adding that liberation of Khalidiyah island will contribute immensely as it will open the international road between Baghdad and Ramadi.

The Head of the security committee Ibrahim al-Fahdawi said, “Today, the security forces carried out a military operation targeting the strongholds of ISIS at al-Fahama in Khalidiyah island, resulting in the death of thirteen (13) ISIS fighters.”

“The combat forces further managed to detonate a booby-trapped vehicle and three rocket launchers and bombed a mortar unit of ISIS during the liberation battle of al-Fahama,” he added.

Fahdawi continued, “The liberation of Khalidiyah island will facilitate the re-opening of the international highway connecting Baghdad with Ramadi.”

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