Kurdish PUK and Peshmerga forces kill 35 ISIS militants, liberate two villages in Kikruk

Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Archival photo.
Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Archival photo.

Kirkuk ( On Saturday, a security source in Kirkuk province said that an Iraqi joint force had managed to kill 35 ISIS fighters and retake two villages in Daquq district, located 40 km south of Kirkuk.

The source stated to in an interview, “This afternoon, a joint force comprised of Peshmerga troops and anti-terror squads of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) had managed to liberate the villages of Banshakh al-Kabira and Banshakh al-Saghira in the district of Daquq,” pointing out that, “the military operation resulted in the killing of 35 members of ISIS and the seizure of large amounts of weaponry and military equipment.”

“The [ISIS] militants left their dead in the open and fled towards the desert,” said the source who requested anonymity.

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  1. Kill unarmed men; throw babies into the Tigris; rape nine and younger girls and boys; kill handicapped women; and teach boys to kill! The worst kind of coward. There is only one cure for this devil. Kill and burn.

  2. The tide of war has turned against ISIL and ISIL looses yet more of what it invaded and conquered. ISIL your days of being a military force are gradually coming to an end and in time you will NOT have your self proclaimed “Islamic State” and Caliphate which are also gradually coming to an end. That’s it flee whilst you can but then Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has given orders that any fighter fleeing will be killed and you know how ISIL kills. Either way the odds are you will be killed one way or another and somehow I think you might experience eternal fire but then that is God’s decision and God will consider what you have done.

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