36 Kurdish fighters returning from Syria arrested in Sulaimaniya

36 Kurdish young men returning from fight in Syria arrested in Sulaimaniya

Sulaimaniya ( A security force from Sulaimaniya province arrested 36 young men who returned from Syria because they were fighting along with the Nusra Front Terrorist Group in Syria.

The head of the Protection and Information Establishment in Kurdistan Region Lahor Shiekh Jinki reported that “The last explosion which took place last night in Sulaimaniya city completes the series of explosions that targeted the two officers within the Peshmerga Ministry a while ago,” noting that “These terrorist operations were conducted by terrorists returning from fight in Syria.”

He clarified “Our security forces have arrested during the last few days 36 young men returning from Syria who admitted that they were fighting with the Nusra Front against the Kurdish Forces there as well as admitting that they received training on fighting tactics and emplacing bombs or conducting terrorist operations.”

He emphasized that “The terrorist groups threatened to revenge from Sulaimaniya security departments upon arresting the terrorists returning from Syria

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