Kurds: not updated about Abadi’s decision on halting military operations

Peshmerga forces file photo.

Erbil ( The Ministry of Peshmerga has denied being informed about the ceasefire agreement between the Iraqi and Kurdish troops, saying the latter has always been ready for ceasefire.

“Peshmerga troops have always been ready for ceasefire with Iraqi troops. However, It was clear that the ceasefire was rejected by al-hashd al-Shaabi [Popular Mobilization Forces] and Iraqi troops,” Brig. Gen. Helkurd Hekmat, head of the ministry’s media office said in a translated statement.

“The evidence is that the Kurdistan Region Government proposed ceasefire,” he said. “So far, we know nothing about such agreement.”

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi ordered “halting operations by military troops for 24 hours,” at the areas disputed on between Erbil and Baghdad.

In a statement, Abadi said that halting operations targets allowing a joint technical team, formed of both federal and Kurdish troops, to deploy Iraqi troops at all disputed regions.

The U.S.-led Coalition denied reaching an agreement on ceasefire between Baghdad and Erbil, hours after declaring an agreement was reached on Friday.

However, Ghayyath al-Surji, of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said earlier today, after an agreement was announced to have been reached, that the ceasefire will last for 24 hours only.

Iraqi troops have reportedly given the Peshmerga troops two-hour ultimatum to withdraw from Faysh Khabur border crossing on Iraqi-Turkish-Syrian borders.

Baghdad had declared intentions to retake areas disputed on with Erbil following the Kurdistan Region’s vote for independence from Iraq in September, urging Peshmerga to cooperate with federal troops.

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