Large military reinforcements to arrive today in Baiji, says Salahuddin governor

Iraqi army forces. file photo.
Iraqi army forces. file photo.

( Salahuddin – The governor of Salahuddin province Raed al-Jabouri said on Wednesday, that large military reinforcements will arrive today in the province before the initiation of a military operation to liberate Baiji District in north of Tikrit.

Al-Jabouri stated in an interview for, “ISIS militants are still controlling parts of Baiji oil refinery, especially the southeastern part of the refinery. However, most of the refinery is in the hands of the army,” adding that, “Large military reinforcements and army troops will arrive today in the province in order to initiate the planning process for the liberation of the entire district of Baiji.”

He added, “The service departments in Tikrit strive to restore basic health, water and electricity services, in addition to cleansing the areas of mines for the return of the displaced families.”

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  1. Yes lots of work would need to be done before civilians could return, especially in finding and disabling all the explosive booby traps and mines that ISIS would have planted all over the place.

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