Largest cemetery for ISIS leaders and elements found northeast of Baquba


( On Tuesday, Tigris Operations Command announced that the largest cemetery of ISIS leaders and militants was found northeast of Baquba, including more than 60 graves, some of which belong to leaders of Arab nationality.

Commander of the Tigris Operations, Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Zaidi said in an interview for, “The joint security force found, in the outskirts of Sayed Abbas village north of Muqdadiya (35 km north east of Baquba), the largest cemetery of ISIS leaders, including more than 60 new graves belonging to leaders and elements killed in clashes with the security forces and associate members in several areas.”

Zaidi added, “A security detachments dug up some graves and found that one of them belonged to a Saudi and another to a Moroccan,” pointing out that, “The size of ISIS losses in villages north of Muqdadiyah amounted to more than 150 elements, including Arab nationalities.”

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  1. How can one (notably a Lt. General in the Iraqi Army) address an audience wearing sunglasses ? In general it is considered somewhat impolite to hide your eyes while communicating with others but here there is more at stake.

    Why ? (Unless he has an eye affliction) he gives the impression that the struggle with Daesh is played on the beach. But obviously it is not and he, in his quite senior position, should be aware of the wrong image he portrays, certainly at international level

    The issue with Daesh has to do a lot with perceptions and expectations.The image portrayed by said Lt General will in my view not inspire people to choose properly.

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