Mahalawi: 20 ISIS militants killed, booby-trapped vehicle destroyed south of Fallujah

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – The commander of Anbar Operations Major General Ismail al-Mahalawi announced on Monday, that an air strike carried out by the international coalition aircraft killed 20 ISIS members and destroyed a booby-trapped vehicle belonging to ISIS south of Fallujah.

Mahalawi said in a press statement followed by, “Today the international coalition aviation backed by Anbar Operations managed to bombard ISIS members and a booby-trapped vehicle driven by a suicide bomber in Albu Shihab area south of Fallujah,”

Mahalawi added, “The bombardment resulted in the killing of 20 ISIS militants, in addition to destructing the booby-trapped vehicle, two weapons caches, 6 rockets and mortar launchers and a hell cannon belonging to ISIS.”

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