Maliki: Fall of Mosul was “a conspiracy,” Iraqi army was not defeated

The Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki

( On Saturday, Iraqi President’s deputy and former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki said that the fall of the city of Mosul in the hands of ISIS a few months ago was “a conspiracy” and that the Iraqi army “was not defeated, but it withdrew” under an agreement between certain, unspecified parties.

During a press conference held in the city of Nasiriyah, southern Iraq—attended by correspondent—al-Maliki stated, “The Iraqi army did not fight or clash with the ISIS gangs in Mosul,” pointing out that what happened was “a prior agreement placed in a joint operations room between some political parties to overthrow the city”.

Al -Maliki did not name the intended, but pointed out that these parties are the same that once described the Iraqi army as “the Safavid, Shiite and Sectarian”, and that some of them issued a circular urging not to fight ISIS as it came to “fight Shiites and al-Maliki”.

Al -Maliki added, “A section of the military units and commanders in Mosul withdrew before the night of ISIS attack on the city under a planned agreement, while others withdrew during the attack.”


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  1. So if he is a military head.he is sleeping..he is a fail prime..blaming others always ..before the fall there are so many accidents happen but he dont take it seriously sits inn happen if he take this matter seriously that time ..the situation is diffetent keeping all useless fellow on high and imp the result is there

  2. He appointed his buddies to lead soldiers.His appointees quit the fight.Therefore he hold responsibility for defeat. He is the worst person to try and destroy your country.He and he alone has commited treason and should be hung.

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