Mass escape of ISIS members from Sharqat toward Hawija

ISIS gathering. Archival photo.
ISIS gathering. Archival photo.

( Salahuddin – A security source in Salahuddin Province revealed, that dozens of ISIS members fled from al-Sharqat District after the approach of the security forces and al-Hashd al-Shaabi fighters, while pointed out to the killing of two ISIS members in an armed attack on a check point belonging to ISIS in northern Salahuddin.

The source said in a statement followed by, “Today, dozens of ISIS members left their hideouts and fled from al-Sharqat District toward Hawija District, due to the intensified air strikes carried out by the Iraqi Army Aviation.”

The source added on condition of anonymity, “The security forces and al-Hashd al-Shaabi fighters cut ISIS supply lines, while ISIS ranks collapsed after shrinking the salaries of its fighters from 459 thousand dinars to 100 thousand dinars.”

“Two ISIS members were killed in an armed attack on a check point belonging to ISIS near Saylo District, while the attackers managed to escape to unknown destination,” the source continued.

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