Friday, September 30, 2022


Mass grave found in army base northeast of Baquba

 Mass grave found in army base northeast of Baquba


( On Tuesday, a government official in Diyala province announced the discovery of a mass grave of civilians executed by the ISIS group in an army base northeast of Baquba.

The director of Saadia Ahmed al-Zercoche said in an interview with, “The joint security forces found a mass grave containing the remains of many civilians in the outskirts of Cobra military base (10 km north of Saadia district and 60 km north east of Baquba).”

Al-Zercoche added, “The cemetery is containing the remains of people executed by ISIS during its control over Saadia and the military base last June,” pointing out that, “The administration submitted a formal letter to the competent authorities in order to open the cemetery and lift its content.”

The security forces in Diyala found during the past four weeks 4 mass graves in Saadia, containing the remains of more than 40 civilians and soldiers executed by ISIS.

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