Mass grave found in Diyala near Iraqi-Iranian borders

A mass grave. Representational photo.

Diyala ( A mass grave was found in a remote area near the Iraqi-Iranian borders, a local source from Diyala province said.

“Based on a report from a sheep herder, security troops were able to find a mass grave that includes eight bodies, five of whom were unidentified women, in Shaanoun region, (20 KM east of Qazaniya,120 KM northeast of Baquba),” the source told AlSumaria News on Sunday.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said, “the grave is very close from the Iraqi-Iranian borders,” adding that the “bodies were decayed and handcuffed.”

“The bodies are being recovered while efforts are made in search for other bodies,” the source said adding that the grave is the first one found in Qazaniya.

The sprawling region of Qazaniya is located in Diyala with common borders with Iran extending for tens of kilometers.

Islamic State executed hundreds of civilians and security personnel since its emergence in 2014.

Iraqi forces and allied militias have found several mass graves in IS-held areas since the Iraqi government, backed by a U.S.-led military coalition, launched a major security offensive in October 2016 to recapture the city of Mosul, Islamic State’s largest stronghold in Iraq.

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