Mass grave of 20 killed by Islamic State found in Salahuddin

Iraqi authorities exhume a mass grave in Tikrit.

Shirqat ( A mass grave of 20 people executed by Islamic State militants was discovered on Thursday in Salahuddin province, according to a security source.

Mawazin News quoted the source saying that a mass grave with the relics of 20 people was found in the town of Shirqat by a Popular Mobilization Force accompanied by a police intelligence officer, having received a report of its location.

Iraqi forces recaptured Shirqat in September. It was one of Islamic State’s outstanding havens in Iraq. Iraqi troops are currently approaching the recapture of Islamic State’s last stronghold in Iraq: Anbar’s western city of Rawa.

Iraqi troops have regularly run into mass graves of civilians and security agents executed by Islamic State members for fleeing the group’s havens or collaborating with security forces.

Iraq’s war against the Islamic State displaced at least five million civilians and left thousands dead. The United Nations accuses IS of committing crimes that mount to war crimes.


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  1. More war crimes by IS Pigs.
    Every IS Pig that is captured needs to be tried
    in a court of law for war crimes, no exceptions!

    All these IS Pigs both male and female are guilty of war crimes, by supporting IS.

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