IS member kills own father, a senior leader, in Tal Afar

IS militant’s dead body.

Tal Afar ( A senior Islamic State official was killed on Thursday by his own son in the group’s stronghold town of Tal Afar, a local source was quoted saying as military operations to retake the area approach.

The source told Alsumaria News that the head of the the Islamic State’s so-called “ores bureau” was killed by his oldest son mysteriously. Militants began intensive search for the runaway killer, the source added.

Abu Ismail, an Iraqi, was killed by his son inside his residence in central Tal Afar, but the method and reason of the killing was not known, according to the source.

The division headed by Abu Ismail had  handled antiquities and mineral resources traffick, the source explained.

Islamic State has held Tal Afar since 2014, when the group occupied a third of Iraq to establish a self-styled “caliphate”.

The Iraqi government declared victory over IS in Mosul last month, while army-backed paramilitary forces isolated Tal Afar both from Mosul and from the Syrian borders. Tal Afar is marked as the next target of anti-IS military action, and the Iraqi Defense Ministry said recently preparations were completed for the invasion of the town.

The town has seen occasional mysterious assassinations of group leaders as well as instances of infighting among the militants themselves since operations launched to retake Mosul in October.


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  1. I love these feel good stories. I never get tired of reading about ISIS killing each other or getting killed.
    What a good son, making sure his father get 72 virgins.

    If you get killed by a female they don’t get any virgins.
    Some of the fighter pilots are female. So I think that the ISIS fighters better hurry up and take a bullet from a male fighter.
    You need to do this very soon. Remember the women fighter pilots are getting ready to start taking more of you out, and when they do, no virgins!

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