Мi-28 Russian helicopters join service in Iraq

The Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter. Image credit Wikipedia.
The Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter. Image credit Wikipedia.

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Ministry of Defense assured the entrance of the Russian helicopter (Night Hunter) to the service to support terrorism fighting and Iraqi infantry forces.

A statement by the MoD received by cited “Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obaidi accompanied by several military commanders observed on Wednesday the final stage of preparing and arming the first group of the Russian modern fighting helicopters (MI-28) in a step towards sending them to specified air bases.”

“These helicopters which are known as the Night Hunter will increase the efficiency of the Iraqi Army Air Force in its war against terrorism,” the statement added.

“This is the first group of helicopters included by the contract concluded with the Republic of Russia to provide Iraqi Army with modern fighting helicopters,” the statement concluded.


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