Militants killed as Iraqi army invades last IS-held regions in Old City

Smoke rises from clashes in the Old City of Mosul, Iraq June 27, 2017. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani

Mosul ( The Iraqi army has invaded Ras al-Kour in Mosul’s Old City, a security source said.

Speaking to Shafaq News, the source said “the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service destroyed the Islamic State’s front defense line in Ras al-Kour region, located in the Old City in western Mosul.”

The troops, according to the source, killed 13 IS fighters and are resuming their advance in the Old City.

Meanwhile, a CTS officer declared on Tuesday invading the last regions still held by IS in the Old City.

“Our troops stormed al-Midan, al-Kawazeen and Qulai’at regions, located on the Tigris River bank,” Col.Youness al-Sherifi told BasNews.

The forces, according to Sherifi, said that confrontations are ongoing against IS, adding that many of them were killed.

Lt.Gen.Ali Mohsen, of the CTS, told BasNews, that troops killed six suicide attackers at the front defense lines while invading al-Midan region.

Moreover, an officer from the Joint Operations Command, revealed that the U.S.-led coalition jets shelled si houses in the western bank of Tigris River.

“U.S.-led coalition jets launched airstrike against six houses inhabited by IS militants, killing 14 of them, including leaders,” Cap. Ahmed al-Obeidi told BasNews.

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