Military operations against ISIS in Diyali: 12 casualties reported

Iraqi Special Operations Forces. File photo.
Iraqi Special Operations Forces. File photo.

( Diyali – On Tuesday, Dijla Operations Command announced about the death of five (5) ISIS members and injury received by seven (7) others, including top leaders of the group, while emphasized about the low presence of foreign elements within ISIS ranks.

The commander of Dijla Operations Lt. Gen. Mezher al-Azzawi, in a brief statement, also received by Iraqi News, said, “Detachments belonging to Dijla Operations carried out seven tactical operations in Diyali province during the month of June,” adding, “The operations targeted hideouts of ISIS cells, resulting in the death of five [ISIS] members and injury caused to seven others, which also includes senior leaders.”

Azzawi added “The strategy of proactive operations has paid off in Diyali province, by foiling several terrorist attacks and striking shelters that were under construction, especially at Hamrin region (55 km north east of Baqubah) during the past few weeks,” further adding, “the low presence of militants from Arab and foreign nationalities in ISIS at the province.”

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