Military reinforcements arrive in Ramadi in preparation for storming the city

Archival photo
Archival photo

( al-Anbar – On Sunday the Council of Khalidiya District in al-Anbar province announced the arrival of military reinforcements in the eastern and northern axes of Ramadi in preparation for storming the city, emphasizing that the enhancements included shields, tanks and heavy weapons.

The head of the council Ali Dawood said, “Military reinforcements arrived in Khalidiya District (20 km east of Ramadi) and will move to the eastern and northern axes of Ramadi in order to storm the city and cleanse it from ISIS gangs.”

Dawood added, “The military reinforcements included ground forces from the army and police,” pointing out that “The arrival of these military reinforcements will resolve the cleansing battle of Ramadi against ISIS.”


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  1. There will be many brave men who do the storming and unfortunately some of them will die getting rid of ISIS. I hope that the Iraqi Government takes care of the family of those who gave up their lives for their country.

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