ISIS leader Abu Qatada and 55 terrorists killed by Iraqi and coalition air strikes in Anbar

Iraqi Air Force. AFP File photo.
Iraqi Air Force. AFP File photo.

( Al-Anbar – On Sunday, Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced, that more than 55 elements of the ISIS group have been killed in military operations by the army forces and a number of air strikes by the Iraqi Air Force (IAF) and the international coalition’s warplanes in Anbar, asserting that Abu Qatada, a key leader of the ISIS group, was killed in one of the air strikes.

The ministry said in a statement obtained by “A force from Anbar Operations Command had managed to kill 25 terrorists including the criminal Abu Qatada near the area of Zera’at Anbar, while another force managed to kill 20 terrorists in the area of Albu Bali.”

“The coalition strikes also resulted in killing 8 terrorists in the area of al-Houz and the destruction of a house that contained a group of ISIS terrorists in the city of Ramadi,” the statement added.


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  1. Hope Iraqi forces will be able to wipe off the takfiries from their land. May God bless the with success.

  2. Aerial bombardment on its own kills 58 scout them out and take them out ban the koran and renounce islam with the help of the living God and his awsome power then live in peace and not profit the profit of war.

  3. Comment: it is thef exat measurement iraq take’s because those terorist not represent muslim action congraaaaaa iraq.

  4. Ban the devils Koran which is promoting jihad the blood eating trick of the Lucifer (Satan) using the foolish (unthinking) monkeys who cannot understand the devils strategy through them. from the beginig devil is the blood shedder and eater. Cunningly he uses people for his purpose; the poor foolish people do not recognise it. Is there any God who is called Almighty needs these killers or notorious criminals or terrorists ( who are killing just the human beings ) support to establish His righteousness or religion on this earth? Why can’t this Almighty God Fight with His enemy devil (Satan) who is the root cause for all the evil rather than killing the poor human beings? Then it must be the blood eater devil who taught and promotes jihad in the mask of God not the Real God.

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